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What do we want for children? We want them to become a complete player in the game of soccer but more important in life.  Becoming a Team Complete Player is a total curriculum, that helps children experience and understand what this means through the game of soccer. 

The aim of these camps is to help children have fun and present opportunities to grow in their development in soccer and in character. The camp will develop and challenge the campers to be difference makers on and off the field.

For children who don’t have a relationship with Jesus, this program is about offering them a community (the Team Complete Community) to belong to, in which they can explore Jesus as their coach, discover the realities of being on Jesus’ team and respond to the opportunity to live life in a relationship with him.

Children who already have a relationship with Jesus are challenged to realize their full potential as ‘team players’ and ‘difference makers’. All players should walk away from the camp understanding that everyone has something to offer and can make a difference in the game of soccer and the game of life.

Our unique Team Complete Camp Experience for all of our camps are built on the same foundation but adapted to the age and level of the camp.

Every TC Staff Coach is trained in our ‘on the field’ and ‘off the field’ curriculum to insure each coach is qualified, ready and prepared to impact every Team Complete Camper as a soccer player and all around child.  Our goal is to UNLEASH greatness in each unique individual.

Preparing these lessons will be a challenge to OUR STAFF team too, and to their own relationship with God.  The Team Complete Coaches will be prepared for excellence in all we do in our Team Complete Program.

The 11 sessions reflect a soccer related theme that develop the core skills and techniques for on field growth and confidence.

→ UNIT 1 | Take the risk - a courageous player
→ UNIT 2 | Making a difference- a significant player
→ UNIT 3 | You’re unique - a confident player
→ UNIT 4 | Pull together - a team player

→ UNIT 5 | Pay attention - a coachable player
→ UNIT 6 | Keep going - a persevering player
→ UNIT 7 | Keep to the plan - a focused player
→ UNIT 8 | Make the right choice! - a quality player

→ UNIT 9 | Failure isn’t final - an overcoming player
→ UNIT 10 | Eye on the goal - a victorious player
→ UNIT 11 | Making a Difference #2-  as a Team Complete player

In every unit, there is a “take home” item/s. Each day we will add these to the Kitbag. It is used either to raise or to reinforce the main teaching for each day or simply for take home discussion points with parents. It’s fun and effective! 

→ ITEMS | Kitbag, Camp Shirt, The Goal New Testament, Evaluations and more…
→ CARDS | Each day there is take home cards that are to be filled out to reinforce the focus of the day to be shared with parents.